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layout 2 - maggie grace
03|30|07 - 23:49
LOST - Kate

No selective coloring. Made in GIMP, should be translatable.

NOTE: this tutorial doesn't look great on every image. you'll have to mess around with it a little to make it look pretty. It especially doesn't look too hot on screencaps.

1. Start with your base, a picture of the lovely Taylor Swift.

2. Make a new layer, fill it with #101333. Set the blend mode to 'subtract'.

3. Make a new layer, fill it with #101333. Set the blend mode to 'screen'.

4. Merge all layers.

5. Go to Layer --> Colors --> hue & Saturation and up the Saturation all the way. (this depends on your base. Is the picture looks terrible at the end, you may want to go back and set the saturation a bit lower. Note I said 'at the end'. It'll look bad in this step.)

6. Duplicate the layer you just saturated and set it to 'screen'.

7. Duplicate the screen layer.

8. Duplicate the bottom layer, drag it to the top, and set it to 'overlay' %50.

9. Make a new layer, fill it with #101333. Set the blend mode to 'screen'.

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03|31|07 - 06:27 (UTC)
oh yay!! a GIMP tut! xD this is wonderful! definitly trying it out. ^_^
03|31|07 - 06:31 (UTC)
Thank you. :-D
03|31|07 - 06:54 (UTC)
i tried it and got this:

i had to fiddle around with a few other things since my picture was different, but overall i LOVE it! :D
03|31|07 - 07:04 (UTC)
:-O Pretty! I love it too!

03|31|07 - 07:35 (UTC)
thanks! xD
(Deleted comment)
03|31|07 - 06:53 (UTC)
Thank you! The girl (Taylor Swift, she's a country singer) does look kinda dolly in a lot of pictures. To me, at least.
06|07|09 - 21:03 (UTC) - permesso
Credo ru sia italiano/a, volevo chiederti il permesso di tradurre e pubblicare su un forum du The Gimp il tutorial di questa colorazione, ovviamente dantoti i crediti e il link di rimando al tuo sito xD E' urgentissimo, quindi per favore rispondi appena puoi xD Ti ringrazio molto e complimenti per i tut!
03|31|07 - 08:13 (UTC)
i dont use gimp, but do you know where to get a variety of taylor pictures?
03|31|07 - 17:34 (UTC)
I searched 'Taylor Swift' on Google Images and got a bunch of nice pics of her.
03|31|07 - 08:44 (UTC)
lovely tutorial,i really like teh coloring :D
03|31|07 - 17:37 (UTC)
Thank you! :-D
03|31|07 - 19:01 (UTC)
great tutorial! it was very easy to follow
here's what i got:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
03|31|07 - 20:29 (UTC)
Thank you!

And very pretty icon. :-D
04|01|07 - 23:47 (UTC)
:D Nice tut. Here's what I got: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Not exactly like yours, but I do like how it turned out. :3
04|10|07 - 02:59 (UTC)
Sorry, my e-mail kinda died on me and I didn't know you commented.

Beautiful icon! Veeery pretty. And always keep in mind you might need to play around with a few things, because no image is exactly the same.
04|10|07 - 01:28 (UTC)
awesome tut. I played around with a few things and added some blue burn layers and got this:

Personally I think it looks awesome!! Thanks so much for this tut!!
04|10|07 - 02:57 (UTC)
Beautiful! I love it!
04|10|07 - 09:20 (UTC)
04|25|07 - 16:04 (UTC)
i luv this tut!!! here's some icons i made:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
thank you for this tut! :-D
09|06|07 - 13:43 (UTC)
This works well with Scrubs screencaps:
06|15|08 - 07:36 (UTC)
Wonderful tut. Mine came out purple, but I love it.

<3 treeson
07|30|08 - 12:02 (UTC)
ahh, very nice. i messed around with a few of the opacity steps, just becasue my picture called for it, but very nice indeed.

this is what i did ( the first time around, i'm sure to come back to this tut again. )

much love,
10|12|08 - 10:38 (UTC)

I love this tutorial. <33 Heres my attempt, but
I had a LQ picture. xD Thanks again, I'll probably
use this one alot. :D
04|22|09 - 13:43 (UTC)
Thank you very much for this gimp tutorial ! I like it !
06|09|09 - 21:43 (UTC) - Permission
Hello! I want to ask you permission to translate your tutorial and put it in a forum. Obviously I give you the credits and I put the link to the forum
05|16|10 - 11:51 (UTC)
Love this tutorial <3 Here's my result:
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