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layout 2 - maggie grace
04|01|07 - 04:24
LOST - Kate
to or in GIMP. Not sure if it's translatable.

Comments are love!

NOTE: This tutorial was made with a screencap. If you aren't using as dark of an image, you may want to tweak step two a little bit.

1. Start with your base image, Evi as Kate.

2. Duplicate the base layer five times and set all them to 'screen'.

3. Make a new layer. Fill it with ffe99d and set it to multiply 26 percent.

4. Make a new layer. Fill it with 12173f and set it to screen.

5. Make a new layer. Fill it with d4f8ff and set it to burn.

6. Merge all the layers and up the saturation by 25. (layer --> colors --> hue and saturation)

7. Make a new layer. Fill it with 222222 and set it to subtract. If you'd like the second result, skip this step. Merge all layers.

8. First, make a layer and fill it with 000000. Drag it so it's below your base. Ok, this may be a little hard. Sorry. First, go to Select --> Rounded Rectangle. Set it to '50' and click ok. Then, click on Select --> Invert. After that, go to Edit --> Clear. Then Select --> None. It should give your image round edges.

9. Go to Layer --> Scale Layer and set it to 80x80.

10. Paste on this texture I made and set the layer to multiply.

11. Paste on this texture by damnicons and set the layer to 'subtract'.

Your image should look something like this! Feel free to ask questions if you're confused.

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04|01|07 - 15:58 (UTC)
Nice, will try later thanks!
04|01|07 - 22:28 (UTC)
Totally translatible (PS + PSP). :) I'll give it a go late, it's a great effect.
04|02|07 - 02:54 (UTC)
oh man, this is awesome! fabulous GIMP tut! (yay for GIMP)
memming to try later! :*
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