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kiss my icon
layout 2 - maggie grace
05|10|07 - 19:36 - Tutorial #004
LOST - Kate
I was looking to make something that wasn't overdone, but still pretty. And I love love love how this turned out.

to in GIMP.

NO SELECTIVE COLORING AT ALL, REJOICE. (may be translatable to PS and PSP)

Remember that month when I only ate boxes of tengerines?Collapse )

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04|26|07 - 17:51 - TUTORIAL #003
LOST - Kate
From to .

[Other] Icons made from this tutorial:

I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up four wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seats...Collapse )

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04|01|07 - 18:32 - 42 icons
LOST - Kate
[25] LOST icons (Claire)
[12] Arrested Development quotes
[05] Sanjaya Malakar

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No more sugar for you. You just get more awful.Collapse )
04|01|07 - 04:24 - TUTORIAL #002
LOST - Kate
to or in GIMP. Not sure if it's translatable.

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snap snap snap your fingers for meCollapse )
03|30|07 - 23:49 - TUTORIAL #001
LOST - Kate

No selective coloring. Made in GIMP, should be translatable.

NOTE: this tutorial doesn't look great on every image. you'll have to mess around with it a little to make it look pretty. It especially doesn't look too hot on screencaps.

teardrops on my guitarCollapse )
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